北京pk10论坛Born in a musical family, his father know how to make high-Hu, was brought to the production of musical instruments and play a keen interest began studying piano at age 9, learning guitar at age 10, he specializes in a variety

北京pk10论坛Style, 2005 assessment by piano tuning, piano is a national registered lawyers, China Musical Instrument Association tuning club members. Over the years and keep improving ourselves, 2010

Admitted to the Royal Academy of Music in music theory certificates, qualifications of teachers teaching the same period made Emperor, now member of the Hong Kong Piano Music Association teacher, in the spirit of dedication and love for the guitar, nearly

北京pk10论坛In affected Chinese guitar godfather Wu Zibiao teacher, began to follow their learning ukulele playing method, pedagogy and production, at present, the ukulele students across all countries, including the

China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other countries and regions, students youngest 4 years old, maximum 60 years.

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