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We Don’t Just Encourage You to Go Cash-less, WE PAY YOU TO GO CASH-LESS!!!

DHT GLOBAL CASH-LITE SERVICES is a dynamic membership multi-channel distribution network company with a strong alliance with the Banks, Telco’s, technical partners, Government, Development Community and Private sector to promote Global Cash-lite society by empowering our members and the general public cash-wise to gradually shift from cash to electronic payments methods.

Our business model is focused on Travel and Tourism, Digital-Banking, Mobile Financial Services and E-Commerce using the most innovative methodology and technology to empower humanity totally. We endeavor to create and offer value to the society and in the business of our partners and most importantly to impact tangible value in the lives of our dear members.

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A new Beginning with DHT Africa

Valued Members, As we all know, DHT is largely all about making lives greater while keeping it simple. Right from the first time we all joined the Team, we all had plans- we all aimed on our targets. With so much confidence, we kept focused in our minds....

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18 Motivational Quotes That Will Inspire....

The way you think and feel about yourself, including your beliefs and expectations about what is possible for you, determines everything that happens to you. When you change the quality of your thinking, you change the quality of your life, sometimes instantly....

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The Skill of Self Confidence in Starting Your..

Many entrepreneurs share specific qualities that are vital for starting and growing a business. They are passionate, resilient, focused on opportunities and comfortable with risks. But the quality that might have the most influence over an entrepreneur’s success is confidence....

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Why Us?

DHT is one of its kinds, we are different and we have passionate young and creative professionals hungry for development of our continent. We love what we do and the people we are privileged to have, which is YOU and that explains why we are still in business, not to make money out of you but to add tangible value to every member of our family in exchange for your trust.

YES. CASH-LITE is not in competition with any MLM company in the industry. CASH-LITE business model is based on daily life activities. It’s simply a way of life that supplements the increasing need for extra Money.... read more

Our Priorities

To be a leading global brand promoting digital payment method and its related Services.
To Deliver Hope Today by empowering Humanity CASH-WISE to go CASH-LITE…. the DHT way.
To Cover at least 80 Countries and touch 5 million lives in 5 years